Frequently Asked Questions

In which areas do you offer the treatment menu on your site?

Hyperia’s services are currently available to clients at hotels and residences as well as on yachts, throughout the region of Attica.

When can I book a session?

Sessions are carried out by appointment and can be booked up to 24 hours prior to the time you wish our associate to arrive at your premises. The last session of the day ends at 20:00 hrs.

How qualified are your associates who come to my premises? Are they male or female?

Hyperia associates are graduates of higher-education, certified and accredited institutions who are passionate about their work.

Hyperia’s policy regarding associate/client gender is quite strict: as a rule, we match female associates to female clients and male associates to male clients.

The only exception we make to that rule regards sports massage sessions where our male associates may offer treatment to female clients in order to ensure that the level of the service provided is exceptional.

Will one of the beds available at my premises be used for the provision of Hyperia’s services?

No. Hyperia’s associates have all the necessary equipment, including a professional massage table, which is essential for a high-quality massage session.

Where will the massage therapist be while I will be enjoying the bath included in Hyperia packages?

At the beginning of the session you have chosen, Hyperia’s associates will explain the procedure they will follow until the conclusion of the service.

Upon preparing your relaxing bath, our associate will state the exact time of his or her return to conclude the remainder of your session and must subsequently leave your premises.

What type of massage can I choose for the 60-minute massage included in the treatment package?

Once our therapist arrives at your place, he/she shall recommend certain types of massage depending on what your body really needs. Please let your therapist know of any discomforts and health problems to jointly prepare a programme tailored to your body, so as to ensure the most enjoyable moments of rejuvenation and pure wellness!


Main types of massage offered:

Anti-cellulite massage
Relaxing massage
Sports Massage
Indian head massage
Swedish massage
Deep Tissue massage

What should I wear for the session?

You should always wear your underwear or a bathing suit if you have booked a bath package.

How do I pay?

Pay via your credit or debit card
Once you have selected and purchased the package that suits you, you will automatically receive a notification of payment. In the next few hours, we will send you your receipt of payment in the manner of your preference.

Are there any circumstances under which sessions do not take place?

The provision of our services and packages is not recommended : in cases of fever, inflammation and infection. In case of heart failure that is not compensated well, causing venous stasis and leg swelling – advanced atherosclerosis, especially of cerebral blood vessels. In case of coronary failure (angina, myocardial infarction) marked by frequent episodes or serious impairment of the myocardium.

In cases of haemorrhage in various organs-serious forms of diabetes causing an evident weakening of the organism, active tuberculosis, malignant neoplasm – serious neurological and mental conditions, recent cerebral haemorrhage, venous thrombosis occurring within a period of six months after an infraction, as well as in cases of skin irritation-burns, infectious or skin conditions and pregnancy.

Our Herbal Care package is also not recommended for breastfeeding moms, individuals suffering from high and low blood pressure and individuals prone to epileptic episodes.

Our treatments are not available for children under 16 years old. Our services will not be provided in all the above cases, even if the client wishes to receive them.

We regret that our services cannot be offered if:

a. You have consumed a full meal or a significant amount of alcohol within two (2) hours prior to our associate’s visit.

b. Your medical condition does not permit provision of our services, according to the Statement of Physical Condition you have filled out or the Terms & Conditions of Use that you have agreed to.

Do’s and Don’ts regarding the service you have selected!

Thank you for selecting this service. Please follow the guidelines:

a. Shower before starting your session

b. Before our associate arrives at your premises, remove all jewelry from your neck, wrists, fingers, and toes.

c. Always wear a swimsuit, if you’ve selected a session that takes place in a bathtub. For any other gift package, you must always wear underwear.

d. For services that require the use of a bathtub, please make sure that the water in that bathtub is at your desired temperature (This instruction is not a requisite for services offered at hotels)

e. Please provide our associate with any additional information you may have omitted when filling out the form.

Cancellations and Delays: Our policy

a. Did you arrive late at the designated location? Hyperia associates will make sure, always after checking with you, to offer you part of the service you have selected, depending on the remainder of the scheduled time.

b. Did you call us and cancel your session? If you call us up to 12 hours prior to the scheduled session, we will refund 100% of the session’s value. In any other case, the value of the services selected is withheld in its entirety as compensation.

c. Did we inform you that, through no fault of your own, the service you selected was not available at the time and location you indicated as your preference when purchasing our gift package? Contact us and we will either schedule a new session if you so wish or refund 100% of the service’s value.

d. If a service is not carried out through fault of your own, the fee for the cancelled service is withheld in its entirety by our company as compensation.

Our goal is to ensure that every moment you spend enjoying the services of Hyperia is a moment fabulously spent.

We wish you a sensational experience of relaxation and wellness!

Hyperia’s goal is to offer relaxation and wellness. We do not provide treatment for any chronic disorders or cases that require medical care.